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What are the financial benefits?

The base Baya Trove Hotel system could run several standard reports that will assist with budgeting and purchasing, but other benefits include;

  • Asset value and ownership reporting as required by auditors, regulators and insurers
  • Inventories and statistics can be produced and utilised for strategic planning and forecasting
  • The inventory list and value of assets can be used for insurance purposes, disaster recovery and replacement price negotiations
  • Access to a current inventory list (including FF&E, OS&E, OF&E, etc…) with ownership details, giving clarity of ownership between the various companies and concessions
  • Assets and materials can be quantified along with the lead times so that purchases can be made in good time thus reducing freight costs
  • By storing warranty and guarantee information, you can actively check your assets before cover expires, which could save you the cost of any repairs or replacements otherwise required
  • Asset data can be tracked through its lifecycle and used to more accurately forecast hotel budgets
  • Efficiency savings; amount of time taken and wasted by experienced employees in managing data and repeating surveys and work already undertaken
  • Ensure maintenance contractors are delivering the right products and maintaining vessels to the right references and standards
  • Quickly provide consultants with clear and concise information so they don’t have to charge for undertaking their own surveys
  • Reduce wastage and the amount of inventory carried as spare


The standard reports and any others you might commission in the future can be exported in a variety of formats (word, excel, etc…), which allows a report and its data to be used as the basis for further analysis and strategic planning.