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Who would need Baya Trove Hotel?

Any organisation or individual who is involved with operating a hotel wants to be able to hold a baseline set of data on anything relating to their hotel, but in particular an inventory of assets contained within it.

Beyond a certain scale it becomes a challenge to operate effectively without having a baseline inventory of information. Risk and response times increase and there is general entropy introduced into the operation which leads to a degradation of the original room and concept. This will have an impact on the guest experience. It should be easier to maintain a room to the intended and delivered standard and to also use this held data to plan for the future, improve day-to-day operations and also produce reports and statistics that can be used as a basis to help reduce costs and/or maximise the return on the original investment.

Baya Trove Hotel would assist the many people and departments involved in doing this. It is an organisation wide resource and support system.