The key features of Baya Trove Hotel are as follows:



Our secure and user-friendly platform allows you to intuitively browse your collated and categorised asset inventory.



Generate clear and concise reports quickly and easily. We can also create bespoke report templates to suit your business needs.



We store your files in a secure-encrypted format that can only be opened when downloaded via Baya Trove Hotel – and by those with relevant access permissions.



Update or delete data at any time, against any asset via a simple on-screen form. These logs are used by our data administration team to ensure data accuracy and integrity.


Baya Trove Hotel services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Site Mapping

An exhaustive survey of your site and/or verify any existing layouts you may have to create a measured and categorised preliminary room inventory.

Data & User management

Your time is precious – we manage and support all aspects of the platform, so you don’t need to. Allowing your staff to concentrate on the job you employ them to do.

Asset photography

We photograph assets in situ from multiple angles, including close-ups of materials and detailing, enriching your data.

Data enrichment

We can enhance your current data by adding information provided by you or researched by us for reporting purposes.

Training & Rollouts

We’re confident you won’t need much training, if any, but we can provide training to get the very best from our application and services. We can also provide a full roll-out service to raise awareness of the benefits of the platform and how it works.

Application development

Our talented team of developers can work with you to produce modifications to the standard platform or create new plug-in modules and apps to add or enhance existing functionality based upon your specific needs.

Archiving & Digitalisation

Losing important documents can be a problem and sometimes even disastrous for your business. We collect and digitise hard copies and samples, ready for you to download and reference as you need.

Bespoke report & Database design

You can create bespoke reports using the filter function. All your data is all housed within your customised dashboard.

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