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How would we deploy Baya Trove Hotel?

All you need to do is provide us with a list of users and sites. We will then set them up in the system plus collect, collate, classify and enter the asset data and files you want to keep in the system. To browse information, download files and report on the data users simply navigate to the Baya Trove Hotel site and log in.


  • Baya Trove Hotel can be run on existing user hardware
  • Hosted and/or locally installed system utilises the latest Microsoft technologies (.NET, SQL Server)
  • Secure web browser-based user interface (Silverlight)
  • Has the capability to link into and share data with existing systems
  • Existing data and information held in other systems can be parsed/migrated into Baya Trove Hotel
  • Has a flexible back end (can adapt to changing needs) and an intuitive user interface which requires little if any tuition