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How does Baya Trove Hotel improve operational excellence?

Baya Trove Hotel will facilitate operational excellence through many ways, but most importantly will assist in enhancing overall product quality and the guest experience;

  • More efficient access to information will improve maintenance and asset replacement response times
  • Through more accurate access to asset care and maintenance instructions, rooms can be maintained at an optimum condition for longer
  • Collating as-built data means rooms can be maintained ‘as designed’, therefore keeping the product offering consistent and extending the investment made in design
  • Collective time saved by individuals will go to benefit other areas of operation
  • Moving forward, data can be used and reports created for other requirements e.g. quality assurance and compliance
  • Providing shared access to accurate and relevant data individuals and departments will be freed to focus on other tasks


It should also be noted that the assets of staff and service areas can also be included and could therefore bring benefits across the entire operation.