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How will it help improve productivity?

In many ways Baya Trove Hotel will assist with getting more done in less time;

  • Centrally held, managed and readily accessible asset data will reduce the amount of time wasted searching for information
  • Minimise ineffective workflow between departments that exists today e.g. when tracking down accurate asset or room information
  • Reduce the amount of time wasted through the management of often outdated, uncorroborated and duplicated data
  • Hotel M&R lists and yearly budgets can be planned and defined more quickly
  • Frequently required reports can be produced at the click of a button
  • Reports can be automatically attached to an email, thus improving the speed and ease of sharing data
  • In the future the system automatically report assets that require inspection for warranty or lifecycle reasons
  • Access to centrally stored information (vessels, interiors and assets) and statistics will improve start up times for refurbishments and maintenance